The Agency contributing entrepreneurs and companies that planning realise investment projects in the Krasnodar Territory.
The key advantage of partnership with APIKK is free support in the implementation of investment projects.

APIKK provides assistance to investors by different directions, including selection and obtaining a land plot, assistance in obtaining technical conditions for connecting to engineering networks, selection of government and financial instruments for the investment project and many others. 

«Derbent Wine» is a young modern enterprise that produces products under the status of a PGI "Dagestan", which means that the grapes are grown in the Dagestan wine-growing zone. The vineyards are located in the south of Russia, in Derbent – surrounded by mountains, nature reserves and the Caspian Sea. The area of the company’s vineyards are more than 1000 hectares. This allows to use only own grapes in the production of products and guarantee full control and stability of quality at all stages.

The product portfolio includes a wide assortment of sparkling and still wines.

Aviton is the exclusive distributor of the products of Nord Company and offers equipment for gas and heat supply: gas thermal blocks TGU-NORD with a capacity of 15 to 350 kW, gas hot water boilers NORD with a capacity of 75 to 20,000 kW, cabinet and block gas control points SHRP-NORD and GRPB-NORD

The plant was founded in 1885 in the Dagestan city of Kizlyar – the recipe brought success. For the first time, grape alcohol began to be aged in barrels of mountain century-old oak - this is how cognac of the highest quality appeared. From the October Revolution until the end of World War II, the plant experienced a difficult time of stagnation. 

In the middle of the XX century, the Kizlyar plant regained its reputation. The plant has received worldwide recognition. In 2008, the hereditary winemaker Evgeny Druzhinin became the director of the plant. Under his leadership, the production was modernized and started working with renewed vigor: in the same year, the plant received the status of an Official supplier of the Moscow Kremlin – and restored its status as the main cognac factory in Russia.

Nalchikskiy Molochniy Kombinat is a modern enterprise for the production of dairy products. The plant is located in one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Russia — the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. There are five workshops equipped with the best technical solutions.

We are proud that the special culture and values inherent in this picturesque region are the basis for the development of our company. We are honorably responsible for the place of origin of our brand, valuing the reputation of our native region. We preserve this cultural wealth with special trepidation, supporting and promoting the identity of traditions, way of life and heritage of the North Caucasus.

FLAMAX is a Russian brand founded in 2008, having its own production and technical base, we provide a range of services for the engineering, production and installation of prefabricated steel reservoir designed to store drinking, technical and fire-fighting water, as well as concept development and turnkey construction pumping stations for water supply and water fire extinguishing systems.

A unique feature of prefabricated steel tanks is fast assembly, reliability, durability, the ability to place indoors and uninterrupted water supply at sub-zero outdoor temperatures.

Machine-building plant "PROFITEKS" is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging and marking equipment for food and other industries. The plant provides a full range of services: from the creation of a project to the delivery of equipment directly to the customer. Full service, warranty and post-warranty service is also provided.

The range of equipment produced by the plant includes more than 40 positions. In addition to standard automatic machines, exclusive equipment is produced, designed for the product and container of the customer.

To implement a fully automated production cycle, the PROFITEKS plant produces ready-made integrated solutions for packaging and subsequent packaging of products. Complexes of this type allow you to prepare containers, pack the product and seal the package, then apply a label with the date stamped by a laser marker, group and pack the finished products for transportation.

PROFITEKS expands its sales geography every year. To date, the equipment produced by the plant is used by more than 2,000 enterprises from 38 countries around the world.

«PLAZA» is an exceptionally high level of comfort, the latest medical equipment and a personalized approach to each guest. We offer spa programs with treatment based on Israeli medicine, a wide range of premium-level wellness services. Our sanatoriums are multifunctional complexes that include a restaurant, a lobby bar, recreation areas for children and adults, a medical diagnostic and SPA center of international level with a swimming pool, sauna and gym.

The multifunctional business center (MBC) "Soft Gold" is one of the largest exhibition companies in the region with impressive experience. We implement projects aimed at the development of light industry and tourism, organize great B2B and B2C events - international exhibitions, conferences, concerts - in our own exhibition complex of 20,000 square meters.

Since 2017, one of the main projects of the MBC "Soft Gold" has been the annual International Fur, Leather and Light Industry Exhibition "Soft Gold of Russia". It gathers thousands of participants from all over the country and from abroad.

Under the slogan "ZHAKO - it's easy to pamper" our company has been operating since 1999. On the territory of 11 hectares there is an own production site, with modern equipment, from leading European manufacturers.

The geography of deliveries of products of the confectionery factory "ZHAKO" is expanding every year and is popular throughout Russia, in the CIS countries and a number of foreign countries.

Natural marshmallow, according to the recipe of our grandmothers, deservedly won the love of consumers. In the manufacturing process, applesauce of our own production is used.

The product quality meets international standards. Compliance with the provisions of ISO and the international certificate HALAL testify to the application of all mandatory product safety standards.

Thanks to many years of experience, continuous improvement of technological processes, high quality of confectionery products, love for their profession, the ZHAKO trademark has become widely known, having won high appreciation and love from consumers, because ZHAKO - it's easy to pamper!

“Regionalnaya Proizvodstvenno-Stroitelnaya Kompaniya” LLC presents its products in the building material markets and housing market which are currently quite large.

By the end of 2022, there was a tendency of housing sales growth with stabilization of a price per sq.m. The availability of our own production base of main construction and finishing materials allows us to provide a competitive pricing for construction, materials and services.

An integrated approach to accomplishing construction tasks from design and expert examination of projects to construction and commissioning of facilities allows us to solve problems of any complexity at a high technical level and in the best possible time.

JSC "Derbent Sparkling Wine Factory" is the flagship of Russian winemaking. Derbent sparkling wine factory traces its history back to 1895. The plant today is one of the few enterprises where the entire production cycle is carried out, starting from the processing of grapes and ending with the production of finished products.

By 2023, JSC DZIV has at its disposal a raw material base in Derbent and Tabasaran districts, with a total area of 2,300 hectares.

Every fifth bottle of sparkling wine produced in Russia is bottled in Derbent. Thanks to its stable operation and consistently high quality, the Derbent Sparkling Wine Factory has gained recognition outside Dagestan.