The Republic of Ingushetia will have an exhibition stand and will present five breakthrough projects that are part of the region’s economic development model. This model was developed following the Days of the Republic of Ingushetia in the Russian Federation Council in November 2021. The model will result in the establishment of new enterprises and the creation of 15,000 jobs.

The region has prepared five breakthrough projects that will be showcased at the Caucasus Investment Exhibition:

  • A project to build the second stage of the Sunzha agricultural complex, which will include a new greenhouse complex and the Tikhaya high-voltage substation on the territory of the enterprise
  • A project to develop the only all-season resort Armkhi in the Dzheyrakhsky District
  • The Hevel Group’s first investment project to develop solar generation
  • A joint project of members of the region’s aluminium industry cluster to produce foundry equipment to manufacture aluminium ingots
  • The Dzheyrakh Industrial Park

“The implementation of these projects will enable our region to strengthen the economy, reduce the level of food dependence, and increase budget revenues. Participating in the exhibition, demonstrating our achievements and plans, and learning about the potential of other regions will help us gain new experience and identify problematic and potential aspects of economic development,” Head of the Republic of Ingushetia Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov said in comments about Ingushetia’s participation in the exhibition.

The Caucasus Investment Exhibition aims to develop the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District. It will bring together representatives of the government and business of the North Caucasus regions. Experts, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and the regional authorities will present new economic focuses, business ideas, current trends, and development strategies.

The exhibition will be held on 3–4 May at the MinvodyExpo Multifunctional Exhibition Centre.

The event is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation with the support of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The strategic partner is Northern Caucasus Resorts.

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